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But in Afghan government and security circles

“afghans will not be left alone at the end of the transition process. we are committed to providing support to afghanistan through transition and beyond,burberry,'' he said.
in an interview with reuters, a senior afghan security official complained that the move "throws out the whole transition plan".
speaking to reporters before the start of the talks, nato secretary general rasmussen also said nato troops would transition from a combat to a support role in mid-2013. he added that the support mission would wrap up at the end of 2014, when afghan forces are scheduled to assume full responsibility for security.
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transitioning from a "combat" to a "training" mission has become the latest euphemism for an accelerated international military withdrawal from afghanistan – especially in countries holding presidential elections this year.
but in afghan government and security circles, the reaction to the new timetable was swift.
last week, french president nicolas sarkozy announced he would pull french troops out by the end of next year,ray ban, and told reporters he had informed us president barack obama of the plan.

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is the taliban's return to afghanistan innevitable? france 24 reports.
"the transition has been planned against a timetable and this makes us rush all our preparations," the official said.
hours before a two-day nato meeting on afghanistan started in brussels thursday, us defense secretary leon panetta made the shock announcement that his country plans to wind down combat operations in 2013.

reporting from brussels,lunettes de soleil, france 24’s méabh mcmahon said nato officials had insisted the handover would be gradual. “they’re stressing on the word ‘gradual’,” she said. “but some security experts agree that france’s early withdrawal would put nato’s plans in jeopardy and that the policy of ‘in together, out together’ must be respected. but it’s likely that we won’t have a final decision until the next nato meeting in chicago in may.”
but many afghans are afraid they will indeed by abandoned by western forces – as they have been in the past.
nato report reveals a confident taliban
“yes, mr. president,lunettes rayban, it is right that afghanistan has to provide for its own security,louboutin pas cher,” said karzai before adding,burberry soldes, “we hope to finish the transition -- to complete this transition of authority to the afghan forces, to the afghan government,louboutin, by the end of 2013 at the earliest - or by the latest as has been agreed upon -- by the end of 2014.”

addressing a joint press conference with visiting afghan president hamid karzai in paris,air jordan shoes, sarkozy said, “we have decided in a common accord with president karzai to ask nato to consider a total handing of nato combat missions to the afghan army over the course of 2013.”
on thursday, senior nato officials were at pains to stress that panetta’s statement had not fundamentally altered the alliance’s afghanistan strategy.
the brussels talks among top nato officials were set to focus on possible adjustments to the alliance’s afghanistan strategy. but the harbingers of a strategy shift were sounding hours before nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen opened the thursday summit– with panetta's announcement on a flight from a andrews air force base in maryland to the belgian capital.
“once isaf [international security assistance force] is no longer a factor, the taliban consider victory inevitable,jordan shoes," the report stated.
afghanistan french tolerance dwindles over afghan 'insider threat'
with that,air jordan, panetta radically pushed up the date for combat troop withdrawal, which had been previously set -- at the 2010 nato summit in lisbon -- for the end of 2014.
speaking to reporters, defense secretary panetta let the news fly: "hopefully by the mid-to-latter part of 2013,jordan pas cher, we'll be able to make a transition from a combat role to a train-and-advise and assist role," he said.
standing next to sarkzoy at the conference, karzai did not object to the french plan – although he did not sound convinced about the increased pace of the withdrawal.
panetta’s announcement came a day after british news organizations published details of a classified nato report on the interrogations of thousands of insurgent detainees in afghanistan, which revealed that insurgents believe the taliban – backed by pakistan – will return to power in afghanistan after the withdrawal of international troops.
however, rasmussen stressed that the alliance was working on the details of a long-term partnership with afghanistan.

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