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from look on her face

&nbsp  ;Madame  Lin Yuying  bold and  very well known in the local  Jiaxing  Phoenix Bridge  out of a  &ldquo  ,&rdquo  ;owner  .Someone  gave her a  calculated,  she  opened the hotel in  the  10 years to come,burberry soldes,  drink  liquor  must  exceed 1800 kg  .
Same reason she  set  a rule  :each  store  to  her  dinner guests  ,she will be  a  glass of white wine,  how many  guests  to  how many cups of  wine  ,drink at least  1 jins  weight  .Because of  the  house  ,her  hotel  in the local  famous,  a lot of people are  rushed  her to  the  .
The boss  drink  very exciting  yesterday,  a local  seen  her drinking  reporter  ,jordan pas cher,described  her  pride  .The boss  is called Lin Yuying  ,48 years old  ,Jiaxing  Feng Town  Yonghong  village  .Initially  ,Lin Yuying  store  was opened in the  town  of  Phoenix  ,in November 18th last year,  moved to the  village  village  near  Qingxiang park  outside the district  road  .
Every night at about 6 p,burberry pas cher.m  ,the store  continued  to  guest  .At this time,air jordan,  Lin Yuying  is carrying  a bottle of  38  Furui  puree wine  began to  entertain guests  ,from the first floor  to the two floor  have been  king  ,a  cup  ,a cup of 0.
4  around two,  who do not  fall  .The two  floor  stairs  in a  box  with  7  men  to eat  ,see Lin Yuying  carrying bottle  came into  climax  ,atmosphere all of a sudden  .&ldquo  ;Madame  finally here  ,waiting for you for a long time  .
Without you  ,hollister france,drink  no atmosphere  .&rdquo  ;&ldquo  ;Madame,doudoune homme,  didn  to toast  .Have a look  ,today how  to drink  ?&rdquo  ;standing  in numerous  guests  ,petite  Lin Yuying seemed to have been  buried  &ldquo  ;&rdquo  ;,but when  her  hand  to drink  liquor  ,all  she had to  sit up and take notice  .
A full cup of  wine  ,he  will dry up  .A lap down  ,the bottle of  Yijin with  Gujing  puree wine  has bottomed out  .So  do not drink  it  ?She said  ,I never  worry about  drink  down  the body  ,she  is not even  because of  this  illness  .
She  also said  ,from  look on  her  face  ,the skin  is not a bit like  near 50 years old  .This  drink  will  not hurt the body  ,jordan pas cher,yesterday,  we  found the Zhejiang Province  Xinhua  Hospital  Center Director Shi Weiqun  ,listen to him  talk and  drink  related topics  .
A  woman  or a man  ?Shi Weiqun said  ,the liver is  the biggest  in the digestive system  digestive gland  ,also is the human body  detoxification of  general authorities  ,with  storage  ,transport  ,metabolism  of human body such as  chemical  plant role  ,burberry,alcohol and  other toxins  decomposition  ,excretion function  depends on  it  .
A person  can actually  drink much wine  ?A critical look at  his body  two enzyme  number  .Shi Weiqun said  ,the two enzymes  are  alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase,  the former can  get the alcohol  molecules in the  two hydrogen atoms  take off  ,make  ethanol  into  acetaldehyde  ,the latter  to  acetaldehyde in the  two hydrogen atoms  off  ,leaving acetaldehyde  is decomposed into  carbon dioxide and water  .
That is to say  ,hollister,the body  if  a sufficient number  of these two enzymes  ,can  quickly decompose  alcohol  ,CNS  will  suffer less  alcohol,  &ldquo  ;as long as the  enzyme  affordable,  wine can be  very fast  metabolism  ,&rdquo  ;conversely  ,if  alcohol cannot be  completely  decomposed  into water  and the  carbon dioxide  ,while  acetaldehyde  continues to  remain in the body,  it will make the  people drink after  produce  nausea and vomiting  ,coma and even  the symptoms of drunkenness  psychedelic  .
In general  ,the human body exists  before  a  number of enzymes  is basically the same,  but the lack of  a  enzyme  is  more  .The  previous  survey  ,aldehyde dehydrogenase  deficiency  ,Koreans  accounted for 24%,  accounted for 44% of  Mongolia  nationality  ,Zhuang  accounted for 45%,  accounting for 48% of  the Dong nationality  .
And from the  view of sex,,  usually  a greater proportion of  women than men  ,look from the area  ,southern people  a greater proportion  than  the north  .Therefore  ,men in general than the  woman  can drink,  northerners,  southerners than  a heavy drinker  .
While  drinking  woman  ,especially powerful,  this is not  scientific  ,mainly with  the body of the two  enzymes  on the content of  .On the face  of  people will be  drinking?  Wine on the table  ,there are generally two kinds of  people  :a  drink  would  blush and  a  white face  down  .
The folk belief is  ,drinking alcohol  the  people good health  ,a heavy drinker  .&ldquo  ;this is not  science  .&rdquo  ;Shi Weiqun said  ,abercrombie france,this  is only  human  differences  ,some people  drink  will  immediately  expand  capillaries  ,and some people  drink would not  expand  .
Telangiectasia  ,show  that  blush  .But the fact is  ,blush and  do not blush  people drink  the same wine  ,the former than the latter more  easily drunk  also  there are plenty of people who  &mdash  ;&mdash  ;in the final analysis  ,it remains to be seen  how much  body  enzyme  .
And can not be ignored  is the  human  enzyme  ,again  ,don  drink  .Because of  excessive alcohol consumption can  increase the human body  oxygen consumption,  resulting in  liver  energy failure  ,hepatic cell damage  ,and even death  .
Alcohol  can  exercise  out  ?In the folk  have  kind of view,  can  be  out of practice  .Shi Weiqun said  ,if there are genetic  factors  ,he said  to be further  certification  ,but he thought that the  drink  can be acquired  exercise  .
Drink often  exercise  ,stimulated by alcohol,  body of the  enzyme is  will be due to  excessive secretion  .But this  number  is limited  by  &mdash  ;&mdash  ;&ldquo  is  &rdquo  ;exercise  ;increase the  amount of alcohol,air jordan pas cher,  may not have  make a spurt of progress  .
Shi Weiqun said that  ,in general  ,ordinary people  drink like that  will  damage the liver  ,but also can not rule out the  extreme  case  ,&ldquo  ;these are  differ from man to man  .&rdquo  ;Jiaxing Lin Yuying  is there  to drink  bad body  ,feel  not  alone  ,need to do  a  biochemical  (  or liver  )  check  .
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